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Report of the world’s fastest mining machine presentation “GMO miner B2”

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(KUMAI dot TOKYO co-owner MAI (Mai Fujimoto  Known as “Miss Bitcoin”) has served as advisor of GMO Internet from last August.This photo is BIZ trip with GMO (^ ^). CEO and me are at center of the picture.

I will tell you the content of GMO’s presentation as accurately as possible, and comment at the end. 2018/6/5

Greeting from CEO Mr.Kumagai about releasing the cryptocurrency mining machine.

Bitcoin is the largest invention after the internet came out, but there are two big issues.

1.Chinese mining machines are in most of mining.

It is coming to difficult to say the decentralized society as Satoshi Nakamoto has originally mentioned.

2.Japan doesn’t participate in this field at all despite we have been good at making things.

Today’s purpose is to show the answers for these two questions.

GMO group has been striving for the following until today.

Internet  Eliminate boundary of information

From now GMO are going to work for the following.

Cryptocurrency  Eliminate boundary of money.

We can see that cryptocurrency is gold or currency in only our future, but can’t doubt that it has already the value as gold.


Release machine GMO miner B2

Compatible for SHA256  24TH/S  This has ability to calculate 24 trillion times per second.

The maximum hash power of other companies have been 14 TH/S.

The merit is to be able to install strong hash power.

Cut installation space in half (Extensive mining farm)

  Cut size of date center in half

Cut working time in half (no need to troublesome setting and verification)

Up to 32 daisy chains can be connected.

The maximum network cost is only 1/55

Although it cost hundreds of millions of yen only with network equipment cost, it can also cut costs.

20% reduction in power consumption

One unit 1950 w

Power Supply Unit 2200 w  100 – 240 V  200 V Recommended  If 100 V, 24 TH / S cannot be guaranteed.

Latest 7nm process  It’s difficult to secure line. Should have costed a lot.(According to questioner, it might be more than 1 billion yen)

Software supports online updates.

Online monitorable API

 Antitheft countermeasure operation Online detection (Same as Banknote printing machine)

Temperature sensor  overheat prevention

 Provide mining pool  GMO  pool

Warranty period 180 days  after that paid support


Japan’s semiconductor design skill

Price will be announced monthly (common in mining machines).

June 6th 2018 launch

We plan to hold the briefings four times, to predict the many guests more than 1,000.

Every month release and price announcement

If there is exceeding order of the shipment quantity, decide by lottery.

Also draw for the non-centralized philosophy. People who came to the briefing get preferential treatment.


Every month

10th   12 o’clock   Order deadline

10th   18 o’clock   Result of lottery

15th   15oclock    Payment deadline

Price on JUNE 2018 US $ 1999   Jun

Payment  currencies are 3    1.BTC, 2.BTCash, 3.US $

It is sold by Swiss corporation of GMO.

Do not volume discount from one order.

The circuit is completely designed by GMO internal.

ASIC manufacture ordered overseas FAB.

Last year’s announcement was supposed to put the circuit design outside but changed.

(I asked the reason and the contents, but I only tell you here that the explanation was good in the gentleman’s agreement and it was enough content to purchase this machine with confidence.

Question-and- Answer with Media

Q: Is it harm for environment because mining uses 0.5% of world electricity?

A: We prefer green energy than oil.

Q: What is the strategy for becoming world NO.1?

A: We are aiming to keep offering reasonable and good quality.

Q What is the proportion of selling mining machine and mining pool?

A: If can’t be sold, we will sell in Nordic. It less inventory burden.

Q:  How much is the total amount of your investment?

A: Nearly 10 billion yen.

Authors Comment

GMO sells the machine by lottery to show support for decentralization of Bitcoin if the number of orders exceed the number of supplies.
It means even individual has chance to acquire this world best performance mining machine at this moment.

GMO is certainly challenging to solve these two issues as Mr.Kumagai has mentioned.(Top part  of the article)
This is the first ambitious and specific effort to aim the NO.1 in the world with Japanese technology in mining which essential for cryptocurrency.
Also, since GMO has long term experiences as a rental server company, the skill is utilized for managing mining farm.

This latest technology development should have never been easy. In this days, Japan has not getting any attraction in crypto field.
But, this announcement has showed the existence of Japan clearly. I will keep supporting GMO’s bold challenge!


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